Anti-theft Help
This applies to NQ Mobile Anti-virus V6.0 (Symbian and Android).
Why did you receive an SMS containing this link?

One of your friends installed an application named NQ Mobile Anti-virus in his/her phone, and he/she has chosen your phone number as the Reporting Number.
If your friend’s phone is stolen and the SIM card is changed, NQ Mobile Anti-virus will send an alert SMS (containing this link) to you, so that you can get the new number of the lost phone. Please keep the SMS and tell him/her immediately.

How to help your friends?

When you receive the SMS, please tell your friend to send remote commands for retrieving the lost phone and protecting privacy by the following steps:
1. Send Delete Command to delete privacy.
2. Send Locate Command to locate the lost phone and reach the location as soon as possible.
3. Send Alarm Command on arrival at the location and find the lost phone by tracking the alarm sound.

Anti-theft commands and tips

Remote commands:
●Delete Command: delete*Anti-theft password*
●Locate Command: locate*Anti-theft password*
●Alarm Command: alarm*Anti-theft password*
●Lock Command: lock*Anti-theft password*
●Reset Command: reset*

For example, if the Anti-theft password is 123456, you can send the command ‘locate*123456*’ to the lost phone to track its location.
Tips: If your friend has forgotten the Anti-theft password, he/she can only use the Reporting Number (your phone) to send Reset Command to get a new password.

With the Anti-theft feature, NQ Mobile Anti-virus allows you to use shortcuts to send remote commands. You can also enjoy services such as Anti-virus, Contacts backup, Network firewall.
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